First of all, the name, XEROPOINT. There’s no deep and meaningful backstory, no origin or no clever …aha I get it now…backstory to it. It’s just a combination of words and alternative spelling derived from something I’ve now forgotten. Something I once thought was pretty cool but now I no longer know or particularly care if it’s still cool. But it’s interesting…..well whatever… Let’s move on.

This is the antidote to pixels. Like many screen-based designers I started yearning for the days of paper cuts and dirty fingernails. Too much time in front of a screen, I needed to get back to the reality of working with paper, glue, photographs, ink, paint, stuff that smells a bit toxic. Making marks, drawing lines, making mistakes that can’t be [[command shift undone]] . Occasionally drawing blood, sweat and maybe tears (paper that is but yes you can read it both ways)!

 That’s not to say computers are banned from this endeavour but they won’t be the prime tool in the box.

 Join me, if you like, on a trip to discover THE ANTIDOTE TO PIXELS!

 Over and out.


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